ABOUT (I Refuse)

Four simple truths about this site and its primary contributor:

  1. I am, not a famous celebrity!
  2. I am, not a famous sports-person!
  3. I am, certainly not even famous for being famous!
  4. I am, however an active Australian-born male (migrant parents) who has continued to be active through most of his life. An above average school-boy sportsman, followed by a long professional adult life, participating in activities such as surfing, cycling, group fitness and gym.


I make these points because I am NOT PAID to promote any product or service. If that ever changes, I will make an appropriate declaration. And since I am not a  celebrity or professional sports-person, I am not likely to have expensive items ‘gifted’ to me, as do most ‘famous’ people. In most cases, where I speak from personal experience, I will have actually purchased the item (or service) with my own money. So yes, I also feel the pain, just like any other customer or client of an unsatisfactory item. And, if I specifically recommend an item (or service), I will actually be a user as well!


Why this site you ask?

I am an aspiring Blogger. I make NO claim of being an Expert in any field I discuss, my perspective is that of a practical no- nonsense, day to day Australian. I repeat, I am not a ‘privileged celebrity’ but a real-life Australian!


I am rarely PC (Politically Correct). I am of the belief that to solve problems, parties must be free to discuss matters, plainly and in good faith without the fear of demonisation.