10 Ways to find Your Luck

10 Ways to find Your Luck

I read a lot, so every now and again I read something that I think is worth sharing. The article in question was published in the “Sunday Mail” on Sunday 15, 2018 in the Body & Soul supplement. The article was written by Denise Duffield-Thomas.

I’d like to share a little of what she wrote, because I found it useful and thought provoking.

1.    Start with Forgiveness
2.   Be more decisive
3.   Praise yourself
4.   Treat yourself like a VIP
5.   Be more greatful
6.   Play the Game
7.   Ignore the Haters
8.   See Good as Good enough
9.   Create your own Karma
10. Get over it

I have chosen not to reproduce her entire article as she wrote it and I didn’t. (not into plagiarism)

I had a quick look at her website, LuckyBitch.com and while it appears to be slanted towards the female population, life has taught me that what affects a female invariably affects the male as well.

Note: The Sunday Mail is published in Queensland, Australia
Disclaimer: I have not met the author, nor have I read her website (or reputation) from cover to cover. As her site is designed to enlist subscriptions I suggest any reader of this article does their own research before subscribing.